5 Reasons to Use Engineered Stone for Your Next Project

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Are you looking to install new countertops in your kitchen or bathroom?

Not sure what all the hype is with granite?

Did you know that engineered stone is the latest craze among homeowners, interior designers, and contractors?

Countertops are the highlight of any kitchen, bathroom or entertainment area, such as a bar. They’re what most people marvel at when they visit a home that’s newly renovated.

If you’re preparing to revamp your kitchen or bathroom, here are 5 reasons why you need to consider installing engineered stone!

  1. Looks and Feels High-End

Marble was – and is still – considered the finest countertop material. While it may be the most sought-after, it may always be the most expensive material on the market.

So, for years, homeowners opted for granite countertops as a runner-up to marble. The reason being?

Granite looks high quality without the cost.

But with the development of quartz countertops, granite is losing some of its momentum.

Engineered stone countertops are largely composed of ground-up quartz. It’s the most demanded countertop material according to kitchen designers.

The main reason for its high demand is that it looks and feels finer than granite. It has a more natural look compared to granite. Plus, it resembles actual stone more than most other materials.

  1. More Readily Available than Natural Stone

Quartz is not only in high demand because of its beauty and natural resemblance to stone, it’s also more practical to install because it’s readily available in stores.

There’s a lot of debate as to whether it’s cheaper to install quartz as opposed to granite or natural stone. Most of the costs are dependent on square footage and which natural stone is sought.

Since quartz is easily available, homeowners can get the elegant look that they want faster. In some cases, quartz is actually more affordable than many types of natural stone.

Plus, it comes in a variety of styles that resemble real stone and complement just about any kitchen.

  1. Heat and Stain Resistant

A spilled cup of red wine or a scalding pot can leave unsavory stains and marks on the finest of countertops.

People love quartz because of its resistance to heat and stains. Due to this, it’s well worth it to install as opposed to granite, which stains and burns more easily.

Quartz is also resistant to fingerprints, mold, and normal wear-and-tear, which means you don’t have to be delicate around your kitchen or bathroom and can come and go worry-free.

  1. Low Maintenance

Installing quartz countertops is less tedious than installing other materials. That’s because there’s no need to seal or reseal it during installation and after.

There’s also no special way of cleaning up spills and messes on a quartz countertop. When spills and messes occur, simply wipe and clean up the mess as you normally would.

  1. Long Lasting and Eco-Friendly

These days, more people are going environmentally-friendly. One of the areas that they’re doing so is in home renovation.

Engineered stone is largely made up of quartz and polyester resin. It’s manufactured regionally, which means it cuts down on carbon emissions during shipment.

It’s also highly resistant to chipping and scratching, much like natural stone. Rather than taking the real stone out of its natural environment, quartz is the next best thing.

Choose Engineered Stone for Your Next Project

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