10 Frequently Asked Questions About Countertop Fabrication

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When re-designing your countertops, you want to use the best material available. It’s obvious why –  your countertops will endure a lot of traction, wear and tear. Your countertops need to be able to sustain heavy loads and use without leaving imperfections. You also want your countertops to be aesthetically pleasing and require low maintenance.

So, what countertop should you choose?

Here are 10 frequently asked questions concerning countertop fabrication.

  1. Should I Choose Granite or Marble?

If you’re re-doing the countertops in your kitchen, granite is the recommended choice by many. Marble can’t hold up to the many substances found in the kitchen. Marble countertops are more appropriate for use in the bathroom.

  1. How Can I Tell the Difference Between Granite and Other Quartz?

When you look at granite, it often looks like it’s moving. Granite appears this way because the natural stone is used. Other quartz materials are usually engineered, whereas granite is naturally strong.

  1. What Shades of Granite Can I Choose From?

Find a store or a countertop service that offers different colors of granite. Look for a shade that complements the rest of your kitchen decor.

  1. How Do I View Slabs?

Unless you’re looking for a specific color or product, it’s rare for a customer to view the full slab. For rare and exotic granite materials, you’ll more than likely be sent to a specialist or even a distributor’s warehouse.

  1. If Granite is One of The Strongest Materials, Why is it Less Expensive Than Other Types of Quartz?

The prices of granite dropped considerably when it became easier to collect and manufacture the stone. Other types of quartz take more time to manufacture.

  1. What is the Difference Between Polished and Honed Granite?

The appearance of honed granite is matte because manufacturers don’t leave the granite in processing for the full amount of time. If you want granite with a polished or glossy finish, this is done with special polishing pads.

  1. I’ve Seen Countertops with Seams. What Does That Mean?

When the surface of the countertop fabrication interferes with layout and size of the counter, there will be limitations. Therefore, it’s normal, and most likely inevitable, for countertop materials to have a seam.

  1. Can I Install My Own Countertop?

If you know the size of your countertop and have carpentry skills, you can work with simple materials such as laminate. However, if your countertop is made with finer materials or will require seams, it’s best to call a professional.

  1. Since Marble is a Soft Stone, How Should I Clean It?

Would you wash your hands with it? Then don’t wash your counter with it. Stick to warm water and simple soap. Find a wash safe for natural stone.

  1. What Countertop Fabrication Materials Are Available?

Some of the most common ones are granite, marble, limestone, laminate, and quartz.

Time to Pick the Best Countertop

Whether you want the best quality material or something economical that gets the job done, there are several countertop material options you can choose.

Find a material that will look beautiful with the rest of your decor and that will last for years. Just keep in mind the room you’re installing it in and how much wear and tear the countertop should resist.

If you have any more questions on countertop materials or if you need a new countertop installed, we ‘re here to help.

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