Marble vs. Granite Countertops: What You Need to Consider

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No kitchen remodel is complete without brand-new kitchen countertops. You could say they’re the cherry on top. When you’re faced with the choice of marble versus granite countertops, however, which should you choose?

The countertops you ultimately select will establish the tone for your whole kitchen. For this reason, choosing the right stylish material can easily boost your home’s value.

Marble and granite countertops both offer unique benefits. Not sure which one is right based on your budget and home design? We’ve compiled a guide for making the right choice between marble and granite in your kitchen.

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Granite is known for being the hardiest countertop material on the market. It also has a reputation for effectively resisting chips and cracks.

Also, you could easily place a hot pot on a granite surface without damaging it and spills are easy to wipe up.

In light of this, granite is a perfect choice if durability and strength are your top priorities. What’s so nice about granite is that it’s not only highly functional but also timelessly elegant. It comes in many textures and colors, with each slab looking high end and unique.

Marble is still a solid option if you’re looking for a countertop that resists damage. However, even though marble is strong, it’s more porous in comparison with granite. As a result, it can stain more easily.


Whether to choose the look of marble versus that of granite ultimately depends on your personal taste.

Some homeowners prefer granite’s natural look and love its wide variety of patterns and colors. Meanwhile, others prefer marble’s veining and elegance.

If you’re wanting a sophisticated and spectacular look in your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with marble countertops. These countertops offer stunning displays of color, ranging from your classic neutral hues to yellow, sage, gray, gold, and rose shades.


If you do a lot of cooking, then granite is probably the best choice for you. It requires less maintenance than other stone countertops. You can easily fill in dings in your granite countertops using resin or epoxy and annually re-sealing your countertops will help to keep them in tip-top shape.

As we mentioned earlier, marble countertops stain more easily and getting rid of these stains can sometimes be impossible. Still, some sealants are available that may prevent liquids, such as juice, wine, and oil, from being absorbed into your marble surfaces.


You should hire a professional to install both marble and granite. Both materials are heavy and hard to handle. In addition, drilling a hole for your kitchen sink is not a simple job.

The price of granite has begun to drop, thus making it the more affordable option when compared with marble. However, if your heart is set on buying marble, it’s worth splurging on it. After all, it’ll likely pay dividends down the road when you sell your home, and in the meantime, you get to enjoy the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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