5 Kitchen Color Trends You’ll Love For Your Countertops and Backsplashes

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countertop and backsplash kitchen color trends

With the rise in popularity of home improvement shows and DIY blogs, many of us have started considering how we can upgrade the spaces in our own homes.

Even if you aren’t ready for a complete home makeover, there are many small updates that anyone can do to lift the look of their home. In the kitchen especially, it’s these small upgrades — like new backsplashes or countertops — that often have the biggest payoff.

Families spend a significant amount of time together in the kitchen. It’s important that you’re creating a look you love when making updates to the space that is a gathering spot of your home.

Below, we’re reviewing some of our favorite kitchen color trends for a new backsplash or updated countertops. If you’re considering making these kitchen upgrades soon, read on to learn more.

  1. Classic White

White may seem simple, but it’s probably one of the most consistently popular kitchen color trends. Part of its appeal is that it gives you room to incorporate color through other design elements, such as artwork, appliances, or even your dish wear.

Redoing your cabinets or backsplash in white can also help if you ever need to resell your home. It helps potential buyers see the space as a blank slate, where they can create their own look and new memories.

  1. Gray

Gray used to be thought of as a gloomy color, but now it’s a “new neutral.” It’s a little bit sleeker and more modern than white but still feels like a good jumping off point for a variety of other design elements.

Consider simple gray tile for a new backsplash or gray granite countertops as a way to incorporate the trend into your kitchen.

  1. Bright and Bold

While stainless steel appliances may have appeal, they may not do enough to add to the aesthetics of the kitchen. Incorporating a bright color somewhere else can add a sense of personality to the look and feel of the space.

Bold shades are typically best in small doses, so limit yourself to your backsplash if you plan to try out this trend.

  1. Metallic

Finding materials that use metallic colors, such as copper, silver, and gold, can be a great way to lend a rich look to your kitchen without actually having to spend a lot of money.

Certain countertop and backsplash patterns will have a hint of these colors running throughout, which adds a subtle shine to the surface that you’re covering.

Metallic colors also look great when paired together, so don’t be afraid to select your two or three favorites and incorporate them all into one design element.

  1. Black Accents

For those who dare to be a bit different, incorporating black into your kitchen is a unique way to put your personal stamp on it. There are a variety of styles that you can achieve by using black elements.

Matte black, for example, creates a more modern and alternative aesthetic, while a shinier black finish could instantly make your kitchen feel like a Parisian bistro.

Ready to Incorporate the Top Kitchen Color Trends into Your Home?

Whatever your style, there is a way for you to update your kitchen by incorporating the top kitchen color trends in a way that adds new personality and a fresh look to the space.

For more information on starting your kitchen transformation, please contact us today.

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