5 Reasons Why the Best Kitchen Designs Use Neolith Porcelain

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best kitchen designs using NeolilthYou have finally decided that it is time to remodel the outdated kitchen counters in your home so that you can have the kitchen of your dreams.

The only problem is that after flipping through an avalanche of websites and magazines showcasing the best kitchen designs, you are no closer to a final decision.

You have an idea of what your dream kitchen looks like in your mind, but you need it to be practical for your family’s needs, while still looking like something from the pages of a home decor magazine.

Did you know that there is a new material called Neolith now available in the U.S. that has the aesthetic appeal of granite without any of the drawbacks?

Check out 5 reasons why the best kitchen designs use this new material.

1. The Best Kitchen Designs are Durable

Unlike some other popular kitchen materials, Neolith is nonporous. This feature means that bacteria cannot soak into the surface and any spills can be easily wiped away. No more worrying about stains on your brand-new countertops

Not only that, Neolith is also heatproof and scratch-resistant. Go ahead and put saucepans or casseroles straight from the oven right on the countertop while you are cooking because it won’t damage them.

2. Neolith Porcelain Products are Eco-Friendly

You need the peace of mind of having eco-friendly products at home, and nowhere is that more important than in the kitchen. Neolith is made from all-natural products so there is no harm of chemicals going into your food.

In fact, since the material is scratch-resistant as well, you can even do your food prep right on the countertops and do away with cutting boards altogether.

3. A Range of Options

With Neolith, you have an extensive range of options to choose from to bring together your perfect kitchen.

Not only are there over 30 different colors to choose from, there are also various thicknesses, meaning that you can use Neolith porcelain for your walls and cupboards as well as the countertops. This option is the key to achieving the minimalist and hyper-modern kitchen designs that you see in magazines.

4. It’s a Great Value

It’s true that granite and marble countertops look great, but they are also very expensive and require costly maintenance.

By comparison, Neolith is more affordably priced and gives you the same visual appeal as using marble. Additionally, Neolith doesn’t need to be refinished so you don’t have to worry about surprise costs after you have finished your kitchen renovations.

5. A Family-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is the main place where families spend their time together. Even when you have friends over, chances are you spend as much time chatting over a glass of wine in the kitchen as you do in the living room.

With Neolith countertops, you can feel safe knowing that your countertops will never harbor harmful bacteria and that it won’t get ruined by an accidental drip of coffee or get warped by a hot dish. Neolith means beautiful designs that work for your family’s lifestyle.

Want Neolith Porcelain in Your Kitchen?

Take a look at Neolith samples to give you inspiration and a great starting point for your kitchen design.

Find out more and get a quote for your dream kitchen today.

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