3 Mistakes to Avoid With Kitchen Renovations

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avoid these mistakes in kitchen renovations

Many homeowners say taking on a kitchen renovation is one of the best projects they could have ever done for their home. The kitchen is arguably the most important room of any house. It’s where everyone comes together to share morning coffee, make dinner or grab a midnight snack.

This area is about more than creating recipes and setting oven timers. It’s where everyday moments turn into special, fond memories.

Some of these memories can easily be nightmares if you don’t know a thing about kitchen renovations. To get the look you want in your kitchen without the headache of a renovation gone wrong, avoid these common mistakes.

1. Choosing Outdated Designs

The point of a renovation is to upgrade. You may be interested in opening up more space in the kitchen or finally getting the stainless-steel appliances you have been dreaming of forever.

Whatever the design you imagine looks like, though, you have to make sure it’s not outdated. The last thing you want to do is spend time and money on a kitchen renovation only to realize you want to upgrade again within another year or two.

Try to think ahead. Research what the most popular home designers are currently doing and come up with ways to apply their designs in your kitchen. While you’re at it, explore a few new home design options which you may be able to incorporate into other rooms of your home as well that will complement your new kitchen.

2. Compromising Essential Kitchen Functions

There is the aesthetic side of a kitchen renovation and then there is the practical. As you are putting all the pieces of your plan together, think about what makes the most sense.

Picture yourself cutting produce in one area of the kitchen then combining all the ingredients over a stove and where you plan to do the washing, too. Imagine how you’ll move around and where the best storage opportunities are available.

This process is particularly important if you’re investing in a new sink or installing an island. Keep yourself from doing laps around the kitchen and wearing yourself out by putting everything in the right place.

3. Not Sticking to Your Budget

Another thing to keep in mind is not to overspend. Factor in everything from the initial cost of appliances and flooring material to cabinet restorations and new countertops. From there, consider the delivery and installation fees and leave a little room in your budget for an emergency expense.

This way, you can have the kitchen of your dreams without breaking the bank. Sticking to your budget keeps you from falling in love with a certain set of cabinets only to realize that will cut back on how much you can spend on the new floors.

Complete All Your Kitchen Renovations with Ease

Here is a bonus mistake to watch out for: taking on all your kitchen renovations alone. While some things are fun to DIY, you should leave the major parts of the project to the professionals.

Don’t try to install countertops by yourself and avoid convincing yourself you know how to get the flooring just right. Instead, contact us for help in making your design dreams come true.

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