How to Choose the Perfect Granite Edge Profiles for Your Home

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granite edge profiles for your countertop

There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect granite edge profiles for your kitchen countertops, such as color, thickness, pattern, and type.

In this helpful guide, we’ll go over the different things that you need to consider before you commit to one design idea.

1. Straight Edge

Straight edges are great for clean-lined designs and look nice on both thick and thin slabs. They are perfect for the kitchen with a modern design.

Despite the name, these countertops aren’t sharp at all. They are rounded to protect the stone from damage and you from injury. This edge might be a great, safe option if you have kids.

2. Half Bullnose

The half bullnose is a popular standard cut with an interesting curve. It allows water to run off the countertop, thus avoiding damage to nearby cabinets. The simple curved lines make it a go-to option.

It’s a good idea to choose this profile if you’re using a slab with a thicker cut since it tends to show off the cross-section of the slab. It gives the room a soft and warm feel as well.

Furthermore, it’s great if you want to show off the pattern of your slab.

3. Beveled Edge

The beveled edge will give your countertops a sleek, angled look. It’s a traditional edge that dates to classic architecture. As with the half bullnose, this profile’s elongated slope protects liquids from damaging the cabinets below.

It looks especially nice if you’re going with a contemporary look. The edge can be customized to fit your needs and enhance the look of your decor. Back in the day, a beveled edge indicated that your countertop was cut from real stone.

4. Square Edge

This option is also great for a contemporary design. A square cut will give you a sleek and simple look.

A completely square edge is a bad idea, however, as it would be extremely sharp and dangerous. If you do want to go with a completely square design, then make sure the corners are eased down so they don’t chip as easily or harm your family and friends, especially in heavily populated areas.

5. Ogee Edge

This option is a highly decorative design that gives off the elegance of the Renaissance. It’s particularly nice if you’re going with a traditional look for your kitchen.

It offers eye-catching detail of two sweeping arches that form an S shape. You can choose for this arch to be dramatic with flare or simple but still noticeable. It gives you a great look without the sharp edges.

Now that you know some possible designs for your kitchen, it’s time to learn some design don’ts. Visit our blog to read up on things you don’t want to do with your kitchen renovations.

Granite Edge Profiles for Your Home

Knowing what granite edge profile to use for your kitchen is the first step in your renovation process.

You should choose based on the thickness of your slab and whether you want a simple or ornate design.

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