Your Guide to How to Care for Granite Countertops

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Caring for granite countertops

What is the best natural stone kitchen countertop material? Granite, of course!

Available in more than 230 colors, from dramatic to subtle, there is a wide range of granite patterns and colors to fit all design styles and tastes.

While not flawless, granite is strong, resilient, and virtually stain-resistant. Your gorgeous new countertop can stain, chip, or lose its sheen if you do not practice proper granite countertop care.

Read on to learn how to care for granite countertops so you can keep them looking as cute as when they were first installed.

Seal the Countertop

Granite is prone to staining as it is fairly absorbent. To protect your granite countertops from stains and give them an extra shine, use a quality sealer when your counters are completely dry.

Clean Spills Immediately

Do not worry when your granite countertop darkens due to moisture. It will go back to its real color when the moisture dies down.

When you spill something, such as juice, soda, or milk, on your counter, do not wipe it down as it will spread all over the countertop. Instead, blot it with a paper towel or soft cloth.

Then dry the countertop with a piece of cloth, so the moisture is not absorbed by the granite.

Remove Stains

To get rid of stains from granite, make a paste out of water and baking soda. Using a soft cloth, gently scrub the area with the paste. It can take several attempts to remove tough stains.

For a tough stain, apply the paste on the area and cover it with plastic wrapping. Wait until the paste dries (it could take two days). When the paste is dry, wipe with a soft cloth and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Ditch Stripping Cleaners

Harsh cleaners might strip your granite counters and make the surface leaky and more prone to stains. Be sure to clean your countertops with a gentle water and soap solution or special granite cleaner. Avoid vinegar-based acidic cleaners–even natural ones.

Don’t Cut on Granite

When preparing food, use a cutting board. Do not cut on granite as this will damage both the countertop and your knives. Acidic ingredients or oils can cause stains, while bacteria from meats or other foods can seep into the granite’s pores.

Don’t Stand or Sit on Your Counters

Granite countertops are tough, but they do not have plywood support and are not flexible. Extra weight in one area might cause a crack. Moreover, be careful with what you hang over your granite counter because if it drops, those objects can cause damage to your granite.

Preventing Granite Damage

The following preventative measures are another good way to care for granite countertops.

Use coasters under glasses containing acidic juice and wine. While granite is naturally heat-resistant, you should use a trivet to place pans, baking dishes, and hot pots onto the surface.

If you eat at your countertop, use felt-lined placemats.

How to Care for Granite Countertops: A Wrap-Up

Granite counters are the number one choice for homebuyers and homeowners all over the country. With these granite countertop maintenance tips, you can protect your countertops from stains, cracks, and chips forever.

For more information about how to care for granite countertops, be sure to contact us today.

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