Marble vs. Granite Countertops: Which is Best for You?

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marble vs. granite

You are at the end of a glorious kitchen renovation, and all that is left are the finishing touches. Seeing the kitchen in its fully renovated glory is a happy moment for every homeowner. Now comes the tricky part – choosing the details that give it a complete look.

You need to choose backsplash tile, furniture, lighting fixtures, appliances, and most importantly – countertops. The working surface has to be high quality to endure food prep, grease, hot pans, and appliances without breaking in two.

Some of the best materials for this purpose are quartz, laminate, solid surface, marble, and granite, with the latter two being the most durable.

Read on to learn the main differences between marble vs. granite and give your kitchen the countertops it deserves.


When you are considering granite vs. marble, the first striking difference is their appearance. They are both natural stones, but each with a different composition.

Marble is typically made of calcite and has an elegant, luxurious feel and unique veins. Granite is made of quartz and feldspar and has tiny specs that give it a beautiful, high-end look.

Granite is slightly cheaper than marble, but the end price depends on the manufacturer, stone quality, and the installation complexity. What you choose depends on your personal preferences, but consider the rest of your kitchen colors and design when deciding.


Concerning maintaining a marble countertop vs. granite, the former is more prone to scratches and stains. Both materials are easy to maintain, and you do not need a lot of scrubbing or harsh cleaning products. All you need is a clean, soft cloth, and a gentle pH-neutral cleaner.

In general, granite is simpler to maintain than marble, but both surfaces must be sealed well after installation. You also have to wipe down any water or acidic spills immediately to avoid damage.


Both granite and marble countertops are extremely durable materials, though this also depends on maintenance and quality. For example, natural marble is highly porous and is unsuitable for use without a sealant and protective finish.

On the other hand, granite durability varies based on quality. Real dark igneous granite does not need any sealing and is non-porous, but other granite types may require sealing.


You cannot install a marble or granite counter yourself. It is best to leave this bit to the professionals to prevent damages, scratching, and injuries.

Before installation, the workers will have a template and measurements of your kitchen to cut the slabs to fit. Both materials are heavy, so do not attempt to lift or install them without any help.

Comparing Marble vs. Granite Countertops: Choosing the Best Option For You

When building or renovating a kitchen, the great dilemma is between marble vs. granite countertops. Both materials are durable, look stunning, and do not stain easily.

Our tips will help you pick the best option for you and weigh the pros and cons of both materials quality and price-wise.

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