Is There a Sustainable Stone Product and Is It Right for My Home?

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When it comes to finding the right countertop option for your home, the choices are endless. However, it can get more complicated when you try to find an option that is both beautiful as part of your design, while still be environmentally friendly and sustainable. With that in mind, here is some key points to keep in mind when looking for a stone product for your countertops and why it could be the right fit for your home.

A Natural Material

When it comes to stone, you are using the original green building material. It does not require other materials or resources to create it. Plus, in its natural state, it provides plenty of variety in terms of veining, textures, shapes, and colors. Additionally, natural stone offers a surface, including quartz, that is sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Another benefit is that this natural product can be found in a variety of locations, which means that the environmental impact of your stone being transported. It takes the buy local idea to a new level.

Durable for Use in the Home

Using stone can add to your home’s value while reducing the need to replace materials in your home after a year or so. Stones, including slate, limestone, and granite, can age beautifully while providing years of use. Plus, they can stand up to high traffic areas, thus reducing the costs associated with repairing and replacing other less durable materials.

Easy to Maintain

For many individuals and families, life is a constantly in motion. It can be helpful to choose a low maintenance product for your countertops, making it easier to keep them clean and reduce the amount of time you have to spend caring for them. There are affordable cleaners specifically for natural stone countertops and many of them are also environmentally friendly.

Natural Stone Can Be Recycled

One of the benefits of using natural stone is that it can be recycled. It can be put to a variety of uses, including retaining walls, mosaic floors, or wall designs. Plus, depending on the size of the countertop that you need, you may be able to use stone scraps to create your countertop. You can also visit your local stone fabricator, such as San Marcos Marble and Tile, to find additional stone scraps or byproducts from the manufacturing that you can then incorporate into other areas of your design.

Quarrying and Manufacturing Are Sustainable

Thanks to improved technology, there are advancements in how stone is quarried and manufactured, thus reducing waste, conserving resources, and all while reducing pollution. Your choice of natural stone can help you to contribute to a sustainable industry and one that allows you to make an environmentally friendly option for your home.

Modern home building materials today often end up full of chemicals or other harmful substances, so choosing natural stone is a way to reduce that impact on your home.

Now, you just need to decide what type of stone would work in your home’s design. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you to determine the best countertop material to fit your needs. Contact us today to check out the all the options available.

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