7 Ways to Care for Your Tile to Make It Last

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Choosing an amazing tile for your bathroom or kitchen can be a valuable investment to your San Marcos, California, property. However, with any investment, tile and stone need to be maintained in order to keep its value high. You might be wondering what the best way is to maintain the tile and stone throughout your home, be it on the floors, the backsplash, or in the shower.

Here are 7 ways to care for your tile to keep it looking beautiful and maintaining the value of this investment in your home.

Use Natural Options

There are a variety of cleaning options available in your local grocery store or at your San Marcos tile and stone dealer. However, not all of those chemicals are beneficial for the life of your tile. Using natural cleaning products, such as vinegar, are a great way to get rid of the grime on your tile and brighten the tile by getting rid of the dulling dirt. Rinse it well after using a vinegar solution on your tile and then let it air-dry.

Other natural cleaning options can be used to help avoid damage to your tile by protecting it from dirt and grime.

Keep Your Grout Looking Fresh

The reality is that your grout does end up collecting dirt and grime. Overtime, it can make your tile look dingy, even if you are regularly wiping it down. However, it is important to note that grout is porous and can also collect bacteria. To protect your grout, make sure to seal your grout every six months, and make sure to regularly clean it using grout cleaner to address discoloration.

Addressing the Shower Tile

Using an all-purpose tile cleaner can be a great way to maintain the look of your tile in the shower. Spray all the tile, then crank up the hot water, allowing steam to build up. It should take about 5 minutes. Then turn the water off, shut the door, and allow the cleaner and steam to work together for approximately 20 minutes. Once the 20 minutes is up, then wipe the tile down. You will be amazed at how shiny it will appear as the dulling grime is removed.

It is important to not allow the shower tile to be cleaned only one in a while or on a haphazard schedule. Instead, to combat the dirt from people regularly shower, make sure to clean the shower tile at least once a week.

Taking Care of Ceramic Tile Stains

Ceramic tile comes in glazed and unglazed versions. While the glazed versions are shinier, they are also slicker. Unglazed ceramic tile is more prone to scratching and cracking, which means it needs to be cared for carefully to avoid damage, especially if you have not sealed it. To keep your ceramic tile clean and avoid any stains, you need to use a broom to sweep it and then mop it with a specific tile cleaner. Do not use traditional soap products, as they can leave a film and potentially lead to mildew growth.

Consider sealing your ceramic tile to avoid any potential issues with staining and to extend the life of your tile.

Marble Tile Maintenance

When you choose marble tile for your home, you add a unique sophistication and class to the design of your space. To keep it in the best condition, use a dust mop daily to keep dirt to a minimum. Avoid using any cleaning tool that has metal wheels, such as a vacuum, which could scratch the marble.

Using a wet mop occasionally will help to address any dirt buildup, but avoid any acid-based cleaners, because they can dull the finish of your marble tile.

Caring for Your Slate Tile

The beauty of slate and other stone tiles is that they are a natural product, which can also be unique. Slate has become of the popular stone flooring options. To protect your slate tiles, you need to minimize the amount of dirt on the floor by mopping regularly with a specialized cleaner or straight warm water. You can also use a medium-bristle brush to work on more challenging dirt patches. To prevent damage from spills, you need to wipe them up quickly, even if your floor is properly sealed.

Keeping Up Your Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is a form of ceramic tile, which can also come glazed or unglazed. The glazed tile is typically more durable, but to keep it in the best shape, regularly remove dust and debris. Wipe up spills quickly to avoid stains and mop periodically with a specialized cleaner. Still, you have to make sure the detergent is completely removed to avoid dulling the shine and beauty of your tile.

Clearly, depending on the type of tile you have and where it is placed, your maintenance routine is going to change. The point of your cleaning routine is to keep your tile looking great for years to come. However, you might be wondering what tile is right for your space. Contact our knowledgeable staff who can assist you in discovering the options available.

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