5 design possibilities when utilizing advanced stone technologies

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The beauty of stone and tile is that they bring a beauty to your space, while also providing a durable material for your design. In San Marcos, tile and stone also have the added benefit of helping you to keep your space looking clean and fresh with minimal time and effort. Advanced stone technologies continue to improve as well, providing more options at an affordable price point.

No matter what type of look you are going for, tile, marble, and other stone options can compliment it, be it modern, farmhouse, or industrial. Here are a few of the design possibilities available when you are utilizing advanced stone technologies.

Add a Pattern to Your Stone

What really makes stone interesting is that natural stone already includes a variety of unique patterns and colors. So, you might be thinking, “Why would I want to change that?” Well, the technology available today can allow you to personalize any design into your stone, making your countertops or backsplash uniquely your own. With computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery, you can have a design developed on the computer, approve it, and refine it before you carve it into stone slab.

CNC technology allows you to save money, time, and increase the precision of the cuts, thus avoiding any potential waste.

Match Existing Patterns

With today’s computer technology, you can also use stone in your renovations, matching your stone cuts to perfectly fit into the design that is already a part of your home or office. Matching a pattern can also help you to maintain the historical details already present in your space.

If you want to add historical details that mimic a specific design, such as a French Chateau, then you can use this technology to help you lay out the pattern to reflect the historical design that you are trying to emulate. Tile in San Marcos can also reflect the Spanish historical roots that can be found in California.

Sandblasting to Stencil Within the Stone

This process allows you to choose a design and then carve it into the stone using sandblasting. That means you can put words or specific artistic designs into your backsplash or countertop. Some people use sandblasting to add unique details that make their office or home space stand out.

Change Your Ceramic Tile Flooring

Advanced stone technology, such as digital printing, allow you to create unique ceramic tile aesthetic. Plus, you have a variety of sizes, textures, and thicknesses that can help you to shape how they add to the design of your space. There are also new opportunities and flooring trends to use tile and stone in spaces that you might not have considered using it before.

Large-format tiles, which are made thinner, have enabled these shifts in use both residentially and commercially, simply because weight and thickness are no longer having the same impact.

Take the Interior Outside

For many people today, the idea of taking the design of their interior and mimicking it outdoors is appealing. In San Marcos, CA, tile and stone can be a great way to make your outdoor space naturally transition from your indoor family areas.

With the weather in San Marcos, CA, making it easier than ever to be outside, designing spaces to make the outdoors and indoors connect is part of fun. Tile and stone are great ways to tie these spaces together with durable materials.

Clearly, no matter what your design, the new advanced stone technologies and other design options available mean that you can use tile and stone in a variety of places throughout your home or office. If you are looking for a specific slab or have a design idea, then our team can help you to find the right tile or stone to fit your needs.

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