Adding Value to Your Home With a Bathroom Renovation

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When you find that home of your dreams, you might be able to overlook some of the design decisions that were made by the previous owner. However, you might soon reach the point where you want to do a remodel. You might be wondering if such an investment is worth it in terms of increasing the value of your home.

Anecdotally, a brand-new bathroom can inspire potential buyers. Even small, inexpensive updates can help you to fetch up to 2-3% more for your home. In San Diego, tile is a wonderful way to add value to any room, especially the bathroom or kitchen.

Bathroom renovations can be a costly part of any remodel, but it can also be a way to increase the equity in your home. Since bathrooms and kitchens are two rooms that appeal to buyers, but also can add significant value to your home. Still, if you do not make the right decisions in terms of materials and design, you could end up limiting the impact of your bathroom renovation. Here is how you can add value to your home with a bathroom renovation.

Choosing the Right Flooring

There are a variety of flooring options out there that can add to the beauty of your bathroom. However, if you choose the wrong type of flooring, you could end up limiting the value added. Think about the fact that the floor will be exposed to water on a regular basis, so it needs to be chosen for its non-slip properties or how it stands up to being wet frequently.

For instance, wood floors are not meant to be wet regularly, as it can cause the kind of damage that leaves you with buckled floors. While some bathroom tile ideas might be appealing from a design perspective, they may be very slippery when wet. Stone tiles, such as marble, might stand up well the to the wet environment, but require more maintenance, including being regularly sealed and cleaned.

Give Your Bathroom a Critical Look

Depending on your bathroom renovation budget, you might be limited to addressing a few items, instead of gutting and replacing everything. Therefore, you need to make key decisions to get the most bang for your buck. Look around your bathroom. What is worn out or giving the bathroom a dated look? Replacing these items can give you the ability to make the bathroom shine and also more functional without spending a fortune.

Here are three other options that you can easily replace that bring a fresh look to the space.

Vanity – While it might be expensive, replacing your bathroom vanity, adding a new faucet, and a fresh countertop, along with a new mirror and lights, can be worth the investment.

Flooring – Replacing the flooring, using porcelain or ceramic style, can give you a fresh look in the bathroom without a large investment. There are also vinyl flooring options, which can give you the look of wood but the durability of tile. Adding radiant heat to your floor can also be a great value-add, especially if your home is located in a colder environment.

Tub/Shower – Look at your tub and shower. Can you refresh it with updated hardware, fresh grout, and perhaps refinishing the tub itself? While the trend is moving toward walk-in showers with tile, if you only have one tub in the house, you don’t want to remove it.

Choose the Right Countertop

While you might be tempted to put in a countertop and other design features that fit your unique style, the truth is that can end up turning off potential buyers. Instead of falling into that trap, look for a stone countertop that is functional and can stand up to the humidity and wetness found in bathrooms.

After all, you want to be sure that your stone countertop will have a long lifespan in your bathroom. Plus, if you choose a neutral stone or tile, then you can use paint and other decorative touches to add your unique flair. These can be neutralized on a budget once you are ready to sell your home.

Clearly, having a bathroom remodeled or renovated can be a way to freshen up the interior of your home, thus raising its value in the eyes of a potential buyer. However, it is important to recognize that not every bathroom update is going to be recouped at the time you sell your home. Most homeowners will recoup roughly 60% of their costs, according to the National Association of Realtors.

So while you can reap benefits in terms of increasing the value of your home, the reality is that a bathroom renovation should not be done strictly for the value it adds. Don’t pick items or tile that does not work in your design, simply because it appears to be popular right now. Choose materials that will wear well and thus keep the bathroom looking good for years to come.

Working with our knowledgeable staff, we can find you a variety of stone and bathroom tile ideas that will allow you to get the look you want and still add value to your home. Contact us today to look at all the options available, whether you are remodeling or just refreshing your bathroom.

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