5 Types of Eco-Friendly Tile for Your Flooring Upgrade

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When you are looking to go green as part of your remodel for your home, there are a variety of tile flooring choices available. The initial thought is to find tile in San Marcos, CA, that can be made from a natural or renewable substance. San Marcos large format stone and tile flooring can be great options for your design, but what if you are looking for green tile flooring, then there is more to consider in determining the best eco-friendly options.

What Are the Factors?

It is important to consider these factors when deciding on an eco-friendly flooring option for your space. These include the ability for it to be renewed, recycled, and responsibly manufactured. Other things that come into play regarding the eco-friendliness of a flooring involves how long the tile flooring must be transported, the level of toxicity they add to the environment, how it has to be maintained, and its overall life cycle.

5 Types of Eco-Friendly Tiles

Now that you know what to consider in choosing a tile, here are a few eco-friendly tile options that can give you a beautiful floor with a friendlier environmental impact. When choosing an eco-friendly tile, you also need to make sure that it can stand up to high traffic areas, such as the kitchen, mud room, or entrance.

Natural Stone Flooring

Stone is a natural product that is constantly being recreated by the tectonic processes, plus it can be recycled into other flooring projects. Keep in mind that natural stone is also heavy, thus impacting the transportation aspect of its environmental impact. That being said, it can also be a beautiful flooring option, plus natural stone can often hold up well to high traffic.

Recycled Glass Tiles

Another eco-friendly option is using recycled glass tiles. Not only are they beautiful and unique, they also keep glass waste, which is non-biodegradable, out of the landfill. Plus, it is a durable option for floors, allowing you to bring that beauty throughout your home.

Bamboo Tiles

Bamboo has become the go-to material for all types of products, particularly related to construction. This option is popular because it is made from a grass that grows quickly, takes in more carbon dioxide and produces more oxygen. Plus, bamboo can be manufactured to make it a harder than some traditional flooring hardwoods. It also takes a wide range of low-VOC stains and sealers. Bamboo tiles can be blended into any design, while still remaining flexible and durable.

Cork Flooring

Made of bark, cork flooring is a natural renewable flooring option. Typically, the bark of a cork tree renews every eight to ten years. Plus, some cork flooring manufacturers create products from their waste products, including scraps being turned into wine stoppers. It is a durable flooring that is easy to maintain, often with just natural cleaners.

Large Porcelain Tiles

Finally, you have the option of large porcelain tile in San Marco. These tiles can give you a unique flair in terms of the design of your space. At the same time, because they are made of materials that are eco-friendly, they can also provide a sustainable component.

If you are looking for eco-friendly tile flooring options, then consider working with our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Contact us today to learn about your tile flooring options today.

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