Top 3 things to consider when investing in marble tile that not only looks elegant but also is durable

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Are you thinking of using marble tile or stone in your new construction home or maybe throughout your kitchen and bathrooms during your home remodel? Maybe you are in the process of building your business and want to incorporate marble into your plans. Either way, marble is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons including its durability, versatility and low maintenance, along with the value that it can.

About Marble Tile

How Marble Is Created

Have you ever wondered how marble is created? Marble is a metamorphic rock that is created when high pressure and heat touch limestone. It then recrystallizes into a denser rock making it perfect for use in sculptures, backsplash tile in the kitchen, or bathroom countertops to name a few. Other minerals that are in the limestone help to create the unique characteristics within the marble such as its color and pattern.

Where can Marble be used?

Marble can be used in a variety of places and can add a ton of character and charm to both home and office spaces. It can be used as a flooring option, as well as for countertops, backsplash, and even tile inside of your showers! The one thing to keep in mind for the location of marble is what substances will be surrounding it. Areas where the marble can come in contact with acidic substances should be used with high caution or if possible, avoided. Acidic substances that come into contact with marble can cause stains and while stains can be removed, it is best to reduce the probability of stains occurring.

How do you clean marble tile?

To keep your marble in top-notch condition, be sure to regularly remove dirt and buildup with a damp cloth, soft bristled broom or a vacuum. If cleanup is not completed on a regular basis, the dirt and debris can create small scratches that can lead to more noticeable larger scratches over time. Even if your marble is sealed, you do not want to take any chances. Never clean with vinegar, acidic store bought cleaners or bleach as it will eat away at the surface over time ruining the elegant appearance of your marble.

Temperature of Tile

When looking for tile in San Marcos CA, there is a huge advantage that comes with incorporating marble into your flooring specifically. Not only is it much easier to keep clean but it will also help keep the space cooler during those hot summer days. Do you happen to live in an area where you have cold weather more frequently? No worries, all you have to do is install radiant heat or simply place rugs where you want to feel warmth during those cooler times!

Things to considering when investing in marble

  1. Its durability

Marble is extremely durable and can last for years if it is taken care of properly. It is a long-term investment that pays for itself over the years. Sealing your marble no matter where it is located is an easy way to protect it from stains, unwanted moisture, and discoloration. If you happen to damage your marble, oftentimes epoxy glue or filler will be able to repair it. To ensure the success of your marble tile or stone repair, it is best to consult with an expert.

  1. The value it adds to a space

A lot of home and business owners prefer marble to other materials. Its elegant appearance and earthy vibe make it a great addition to any home or office. Not only does it add monetary value, but it also adds value with its long life span, making it a great investment for both current and future owners.

  1. Its versatility and low maintenance

With marble coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, it makes it a fun and sophisticated addition to any home or office space. No matter what unique style you possess, there will be a marble option available to help create your vision. Besides all of the options available, the low maintenance is a huge bonus! Simply seal your marble and clean regularly to ensure longevity in your marble.

When you decide that you are ready to add an elegant flare to your home and/or office space, be sure to have a tile and stone specialist assist you! You can share the vision and budget you have in mind and the professional will be able to help you choose the best products to make it happen!

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