Caesarstone is an innovative option with breakthrough designs generated from amazing new concepts. Available in different textures, a variety of finishes, and radical fresh designs, Caesarstone can provide a unique touch to any room in your home or office, creating an interior look that stands out to your guests and customers.

Combining beauty with outstanding performance, Caesarstone can bring any design to life with exacting standards of excellence right from the raw materials to the final quality control check and installation.

With our highly skilled and trained staff, you can be sure of receiving a durable and beautiful product that will stand the test of time. Caesarstone is manufactured using a rigorous process that starts with the raw materials used to create a blend of up to 93% natural quartz aggregates, along with pigments and polymer resins. These unique quartz surfaces are created with a highly automated process, which is strictly monitored throughout the following steps:


Feeding and mixing

The raw materials (quartz, pigments, and polymers) are judiciously selected and tested, before being combined.

Molding and pressing

Using a mold, the mixture is then formed into slab sizes of 306x144 cm or 120x57 inches. Using high pressure compression (nearly 100 tons psi) and vibration in a vacuum, all the air is removed to create this durable quartz surface.


A curing kiln is then used to heat the slabs to 90°C for 45 minutes, thus providing additional levels of solidity and strength within the quartz surfaces.


After the curing kiln, Caesarstone is then calibrated and polished to a beautiful finish, thus providing customers a number of colors and designs to fit any room or style.

Quality Testing

No slab leaves manufacturing without undergoing rigorous quality testing, meant to find any potential flaws, while making sure it meets the Caesarstone standards of color, hue, and consistency.


Finally, these quartz surfaces are labeled, sorted, and tagged, ready to be distributed to our customers in beautiful condition.


While granite countertops have long been the favored surface option for kitchens and baths, quartz surfaces are gaining popularity for the durability and heat resistance, while not sacrificing beauty and budget. With its non-porous surface, quartz countertops are resistant to mold and bacteria, making them function well in any kitchen or bath. Additionally, quartz countertops do not need to be resealed, unlike granite countertops that need to be resealed every two to five years. Quartz countertops are a beautiful and durable option for a variety of spaces, from residential to commercial applications.

We specialize in creating a custom look with quality installation. Working with our team, we can help you find the right quartz countertops to fit your style and budget, ensuring that you have a durable and beautiful addition to your space. Working with San Marcos Marble and Tile, your quartz countertops can be the finishing touch to your amazing space!