Using a variety of natural raw materials that are subjected to high pressure and temperatures, giving the Porcelain-Neolith the physical and mechanical features that make it stand out in any commercial or residential space. With San Marcos Marble and Tile, you can create a custom look on any budget with quality materials.

This durable material is perfect for a variety of applications, from walls and floors to countertops. Porcelain-Neolith is resistant to high temperatures, UV rays, as well as ice and freezing. For your kitchen, Porcelain-Neolith can be matched to your design, giving it a crisp, clean look. Additionally, the material is hygienic because it does not release harmful chemicals, which makes it a great option for countertops.

The surface is incredibly hard, making it a wonderful flooring option because of its durability. Other options can include resin, withthe potential to release substances into the environment. Porcelain-Neolith is resin-free, giving you a quality product with less of an environmental impact. Porcelain-Neolith is also made from natural materials and is recyclable, making it a sustainable and smart choice for your home or business.

There are many benefits to selecting Porcelain-Neolith for your surfaces, and it is increasingly becoming one of the preferred choices for architects and designers around the world. It is developed through an innovative process and offers designs and options that stand ahead of competitor materials due to its many traits:

  • Variety: Coming in a wide range of thicknesses, Porcelain-Neolith can meet the needs of all types of surface applications, including walls, flooring, countertops, cabinetry, and furniture. Customers can also select from a wide range of colors and patterns to meet their unique project needs.
  • Durability: Neolith flooring, tiles, and countertops are incredibly durable. They are scratch-resistance and heat resistant and tolerant of direct contact with food and water without absorption. Neolith porcelain is also freeze- and thaw-resistant and UV-resistant, meaning that it can withstand even outdoor environments well without fading. The versatility found with neolith stone surfaces means that they will stand up to nearly all uses without showing wear and tear.
  • Performance: In addition to its tolerance for the elements, Porcelain-Neolith can also withstand strong chemicals and cleaning products and is stain-resistant. These features ensure that your Porcelain-Neolith surfaces will out-perform almost all other available materials for a much longer life expectancy.
  • Sustainability. Not only is Porcelain-Neolith recyclable, but it is also sourced from sustainable, high-quality raw materials. And due to its longer lifecycle, it needs replacement much less frequently than other materials might. Simply put, it is the environmentally friendly and sustainable option.

Slabs can be purchased in three large formats, which means that your design can benefit from the greater uniformity and continuity, as well as minimizing the number of joints. The other option is to use the tile format, which comes in a variety of sizes. It is lightweight and durable. Porcelain-Neolith can also be used directly on existing surfaces, making it an ideal material for renovation projects, because it can save you time and money.

Another positive of this stone option is that the thickness can vary, providing you the right strength to use in a variety of applications and designs. With the right provider, you can create continuity and a beautiful transition from the stone to other materials within the space.

The finishes can be created to fit any taste, from a matte to a shiny, highly polished one. There are also honed textures available that mimic natural stones for a look that stands out from the traditional granite options. The Porcelain-Neolith also offers a variety of colors to match any type of décor.

With over 15 years in the industry, San Marcos Marble and Tile can help you choose the right Porcelain-Neolith for your needs. We can create the right edge detail to complement your space, making your Porcelain-Neolith a beautiful focal point. No matter if you are designing a custom kitchen or bathroom, this can provide the perfect touch to complete the look of your space.