Quartz slabs have been a popular material in Europe for the past decade and are now making a huge presence in the states. Quartz unlike natural stone are non-porous engineered stone. The products we offer are quart slabs. Quartz slabs are engineered stone or man made. Because quart slabs contain quart pieces which are one of the hardest minerals on earth behind diamonds and sapphires it makes quartz counter tops scratch and stain resistant. Quartz slabs are made by binding natural quartz with resins and pigmentation to enhance the color. The binding process makes the slabs non-porous which blocks bacteria harvesting.

Engineered stone is much more than just silky counters, the Silestone brand of quartz we carry offer Volcano and Suede finishes to counters to add a new dimension to quartz counter tops. Quartz counter tops have evolved to look more natural than engineered stone. Cambria leads the way in innovating counter tops that have variation in design, movement, quartz piece sizing, and pigmentation. Their Princetown slabs have variation and quartz piece sizes and rich purple and gold pigmentation that is binded in such a way as to look like granite.

Caesarstone known for its honed finished slabs that bring classic finish and low maintenance to any counter top project. We carry an array of quartz slab brands to fit any budget and style. Another very popular man made material we offer is porcelain slabs. They are durable and low maintenance like quartz slabs , however, porcelain slabs unlike quartz slabs can be used in outside project. Neolith porcelain slabs take porcelain to a new level with their slabs imitating the look and feel of butcher block counters. So stop by our show room to see the different lines of quartz slabs we carry. We are certified dealers for quartz slabs and carry the top brands. We are certified Cambria, Dekton, Neolith, Geoluxe, Silestone, Caesarstone, Quartz, Qortstone, ME quartz, GEOS, Pentalquartz, and Titan quartz.