Q-Quartz is the flawless mix of natural and manufactured materials, giving it a modern touch with style and performance. There are over 60 different styles and everyone is scratch, heat, and stain resistant. Made with a fusion of quartz and resin materials, Q-Quartz is created with natural beauty and durability in mind. This beautiful choice of countertop can retain its beauty even in the busiest of settings.

Once it is treated and pressed, it becomes one of the hardest materials available. Manufactured using an internationally patented Bretonstone® system and state-of-the-art manufacturing, it provides superior function in a variety of applications.

It requires no polishing, sealing, or reconditioning, while at the same time being scratch-, chip-, and scorch-resistant. These characteristics make Q-Quartz an amazing option for any kitchen or bath countertops. The naturally non-porous surface is also stain-resistant, which is appealing in a variety of applications. When choosing a countertop for your kitchen, Q-Quartz is appealing for its bacteria and other micro-organism resistant properties.

No matter your design aesthetic, Q-Quartz is matched to your décor. With a variety of colors, you can create a seamless look in any space within your home. Q-Quartz is also formulated to give you the look of concrete, but without the absorbent surface. Tap into the trend without maxing out your budget.

Q-Quartz is manufactured to generate the look of marble, while being durable for everyday use. From contemporary to classic, Q-Quartz is a seamless addition to any renovation.

Q-Quartz is engineered with the fusion of quartz and resin, allowing it to perform well among other countertop options. Generate a beautiful stone look with a durable finish by using Q-Quartz in various rooms throughout your home or business.

San Marcos Marble and Tile will help you choose the right Q-Quartz option for your application. Additionally, we provide a variety of custom edge options, allowing you to make your Q-Quartz countertops personalized to your home or office space. Our experience in stone fabrication and installation means that you’ll have a beautiful look with a professional touch.

We provide numerous options for your commercial and residential needs. Partnering with designers, architects, and general contractors, we offer an assortment of beautiful countertops at different price points to meet a variety of budgets.